Today I’m working on a set of waist beads with amethyst or purple quartz. It’s my favorite crystal to work with. I’m creating them for aclient who was born in January and whose birthstone is garnet. The deep blood red of garnet beautifully complements the translucent purple of amethyst. Amethyst is a powerful healing stone with spiritual and protective properties. Metaphysically it calms emotional turmoil of its wearers and brings them peace.Just handling the crystal while designing these waist beads makes me pensive and tranquil. I’m enjoying a heady combination of creative work and prayer.

Amethyst ranges in from lavender to deep violet, the shade  associated with royalty. It is prominently  featured – along with sapphires, tourmalines, topaz and citrine – decorating the British Crown Jewels.

The qualities of amethyst can seem at odds with each other in some ways. For example, ancient Egyptian soldiers wore it into battle for protection. Yet it is considered the stone of Buddha among Tibetans who incorporate it into prayer beads for its spiritual and meditative energy.

Above all though, amethyst is a healing stone. Shamans who use in ritual healing and ground amethyst is reportedly used in Chinese medicine.

In her book “Sacred Woman,” author QueenAfua notes that amethyst is “the mother of all healers” and recommends that women wear them in waist beads to facilitate wellness in the womb and balance sexual energy.

  Amethyst waist beads

The waist beads I am working on for my Aquarius client include her birthstone garnet, which is another healing and protective stone.Metaphysically, garnet shields its wearer from negative energy and strengthens the influence of positive vibrations. No doubt because of its color, the stone has also been considered influential in the healing of blood and heart conditions and in enhancing the body’s resilience and power.

Garnet waist beads

With both amethyst and garnet working for her in her wrap and soul waist beads, my client will greet her days with beauty and power!

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