Announcing Passages – Exciting New Line of Waistbeads!

Greetings Sisters!

Today, I am excited to announce the launch of a new line of waistbeads in the Wrap and Soul Etsy store – Passages.

The Passages line honors three important events in a woman’s life – the beginning of her menstrual cycle, child birth, and the end of her menstrual cycle. The waistbeads are called “First Moon,” “Baby Love” and “Her Majesty” respectively.


First Moon

The concept behind Passages is in keeping with my philosophy that crystal gemstones enhance your life energy. The sheer beauty of the stones, combined with the wonderfully feminine waistbeads tradition, makes Wrap and Soul creations so unique.

Traditionally, a woman’s kinfolk would present her with waistbeads to mark her extraordinary passages through life. Here in the Diaspora, it is a pleasure to re-create these rituals and give them the meaning and beauty they deserve.

The “First Moon” waistbeads are for young girls. They are created with tiny white moonstone beads with a sprinkle of purple amethysts. They shimmer like a thin ribbon of moonbeams, a reflection of the innocence of a girl entering womanhood.

Moonstone is a gentle feminine stone that is believed to protect the health of women and girls. It is said to regular hormone and helps sync the female reproductive system, alleviating menstrual problems, balancing the hormonal system and eliminating fluid retention. Moonstone also works to repair skin problems and creates beneficial dreams. Its connection with the lunar cycle, eases her transition from girlhood into womanhood.

The purple amethyst adds a healing element to the First Moon waist beads. It calms and balances emotional upsets, offers protection and self-love. It is a deeply spiritual stone that brings courage and peace to the wearer.

As an added bonus, Wrap and Soul will include instructions for care and wear of waistbeads and explain the honor and tradition.

The second set of waistbeads in the Passages line, “Baby Love” are for expectant mothers.

With these waistbeads, a mother-to-be can surround her unborn baby with the energy of amethyst, the most healing, loving and spiritual gemstone of them all, and at the same time honor and adorn her beautiful, blossoming body. These waistbeads also feature moonstone believed to protect female health and childbirth.

“Baby Love” has pretty pewter charms (optional) that herald the little one’s arrival – an angel, a stork, or ankh (the Egyptian symbol for LIFE) or a baby carriage.


“Baby Love”

As an added bonus, Wrap and Soul will resize the waistbeads free of charge after the baby has been born!

The last of the line is my favorite: “Her Majesty,” in honor of the beauty of our elder sisters.

Her Majesty” waistbeads are created with gemstone crystals known to assist in balancing hormonal changes, clarifying and strengthening mental capabilities and cooling hot flashes.

The crystals used are moonstone, citrine and smoky quartz. This combination of gemstones also helps with focus and concentration (citrine), calm emotional triggers (moonstone) and absorb waves of internal body heat (smoky quartz).

In addition to the pretty stones, the waistbeads are enhanced by tiny pewter shield beads, a pewter bead inscribed with BLESSED and a yin-yang pewter bead, to remind the wearer that the mysteries of womanhood come with both effort and ease.

As an added bonus, while they last you can personalize your waistbeads with an alphabet letter charm – choose the first letter of your name or that of someone you love. Limited letters available.


“Her Majesty”

For more information and lots more waistbeads, go to Wrap and Soul.