New! Design Your Own Wrap & Soul Waistbeads


Introducing Wrap and Soul Custom Waistbeads Center.

Have you ever wished you could take the colors of THAT set of waistbeads and the gemstones of THOSE waistbeads and create your own special set?

Yeah, you’re not alone. So many women are asking for their own unique Wrap and Soul waistbeads that I’ve decided to try to accommodate you all! For a limited time, you will have a chance to design your own set of gemstone waistbeads. I only ask that you be patient while I make them, and that you communicate with me as much as possible so we both have the same understanding of what you desire. After the waistbeads have been created, they will be photographed and posted to my secure online shop for you to inspect and purchase (

Just follow the steps below and if you have any additional questions,  write me at




Design your own waistbeads in 3 easy steps:

1) Choose one semi-precious gemstone from the following selection: aquamarine, rose quartz, amethyst, carnelian, citrine, lapis lazuli or garnet. For more than one gemstone please email/convo me at

2) Using a tape-measure in inches, measure your body where you want your waistbeads to fall. Be mindful that waistbeads are most comfortable under your belly, about where bikini bottoms would sit on your hips. Your waistbeads will be made to fit your precise measurements. You can request your waistbeads with or without an adjustable extension chain.

3) Email all information to me at Your waistbeads will be created with seedbeads, glass beads and pewter beads that complement the gemstones you have selected. Choose gold or silver pewter beads.  Important Note: Your custom waistbeads will NOT have a center pendant unless you email me with a special request.




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