Ubuntu! South Africa Waist Beads


South Africa has been on my mind lately, and specifically, a beautiful word used by President Obama during his tribute at Nelson Mandela’s memorial; Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a Southern African concept meaning “humanity toward others.” Translated, it means “human kindness.”

“He not only embodied ubuntu,” Obama said of the iconic freedom fighter. “He taught millions to find that truth within themselves.”

I could not think of a greater legacy.

These waistbeads, inspired by the spirit of ubuntu, are strung with seedbeads in the six colors of the South African flag and studded with obsidian chips. Obsidian is a grounding, peace-drawing and protective stone.

It also features pewter ornate beads, faceted glass crystal beads and is  centered by a pewter medallion with two hands clasping a heart.

These one-of-a-kind  waistbeads are 33 inches long with six inches of adjustable chain with a pewter Africa medallion dangle. If that’s not your size don’t be discouraged, size reductions or adjustments with added chain up to 43 inches are free. All Wrap and Soul pewter charms are lead-free.

Only $25.00.

Click here for these ubuntu waist beads and more!

Peace¸.•*¨`☥ ☾ 



Wear Your Waistbeads in Comfort!

Wear Your Waistbeads in Comfort!

Although they are called WAIST beads, they are most comfortable worn under the belly, about where bikini bottoms would sit on your hips! This way, they can be worn under your clothes or exposed against the skin.