Chakra-Balancing Waistbeads

Chakra-balancing waistbeads have always been a best seller here at Wrap and Soul. Along the length of the waistbeads, I string gemstone chips that correlate to each of the seven chakras, which means “wheel” in Sanskrit. The waistbeads help the woman wearing them to stay aligned and in the flow of life-sustaining energy.

The chakra system is a vital tool in the crystal healers’ arsenal. They were first described in ancient texts from northern India as seven energy channels that run through the human body. These channels stem from the central channel along the spine. They are located in the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown of the human body. They start at your tail bone and flow up to the crown of your head. They are the points of your life force, or prana, and they determine your holistic well-being.  Keeping your chakras balanced helps you to avoid health issues, emotional problems and mental distress.

According to the experts who have studied the chakra system, the first chakra – referred to as the root or base – controls careers and finances. The second chakra – the sacral- controls sexuality. The third chakra – the solar plexus- plays a role in self-confidence and personal power. The fourth chakra – the heart – controls relationships and love. The fifth chakra – the throat- influences the ability to articulate truth. The sixth chakra- the brow – controls intuition. The seventh chakra – the crown – helps you experience your connection to God and higher self.

The goal of chakra healing is to bring each vortex of energy into its optimal working state, in harmony with the others. The subtle energy of crystals helps achieve this balance naturally and gently. Crystals can help to realign or unblock closed or weak chakras, thereby healing on the emotional and spiritual level. While it is not recommended that crystals be used to replace modern medicine, many people find the therapy improves their general well-being.

Chakra Waistbeads with Adinkra Pendant.


Each chakra can be positively influenced by certain gemstones and colors. The heart chakra, for example, which is located in the center of the chest, is influenced by malachite, jade, aventurine, rose quartz, rhodocrosite and other pink or green stones. The stones and their colors help the heart chakra maintain balance, which presents itself as a sense of calm, clear-sightedness and tolerance of others. Negative emotions, such as self-doubt, guilt and lack of self-worth are corrected.

Wrap and Soul chakra waistbeads feature gemstones that relate to each chakra, beautified by a pewter pendant that symbolizes love or peace.  They are my fastest selling waistbeads on the site, and usually sell out within hours of being posted on the site.