For Men: The Sensual Waistbeads Woman


If you think waistbeads are for ladies only, think again.

Although I have created waistbeads for a man – I’ll get to that in a minute – please consider that the waistbeads your woman wears is as much for your pleasure as it is for hers. In a sense they are the perfect gift – they are beautiful, spiritual, cultural and lovingly reciprocal. When she wears waistbeads for herself, she’s giving you a gift; when she wears waistbeads for you, she’s giving a gift to herself.  And while the same can be said for other types of  jewelry, few have the same sensual appeal as waistbeads.

Here’s what waistbeads do for you:

1) They make your woman FEEL more beautiful as the energy the gemstones exudes a subtle positive influence.

2) They make your woman LOOK more beautiful; waistbeads are stunningly seductive along the curves of her body, against the glow of her skin.

3) Gemstone waistbeads add to her spiritual armor, protecting her and keeping her safe from negativity when you are not around. And if she is pregnant, her waistbeads are literally guarding your family.

4) They are a part of your racial memory. The oldest African jewelry ever discovered was found in 2004, in the Blombos cave on the southern tip of South Africa.  They are 40 mollusc shell beads that had been pierced and are estimated  over 75,000 years old.  Women are seen wearing waistbeads on the walls of the pyramids in Egypt, but it’s hard to say when they were first introduced into our culture. However, it’s certain they have always played a large role in seduction and romance between the sexes.

Even today.  The Nation, a newspaper of the Republic of  Malawi, recently discussed the merits of waistbeads among market women, who opined that every young woman should have waistbeads to keep her husband aroused during foreplay. In the article, the women went on describe the hidden meanings of waistbeads colors, from black, which means “not tonight I have a headache,” to blue and green, meaning “all systems are go.”



In her book, “Sacred Woman,”  Queen Afua  writes among the 17th century Saramaka people, a woman would give her  scented waistbeads to her husband as a symbol of her intended fidelity when he went away for long periods of time. That certainly beats a photo on your cellphone!

5) From a dozen years experience in this craft, I kid you not when I say there are few women who would not be moved when a man selects and purchases a set of waistbeads for her. It is more creative than flowers, sexier than lingerie, and more personal than most other jewelry.

As you can see the benefits are multiple. For superior quality and beauty, try Wrap and Soul gemstone waistbeads.

For those of you who are wondering whether a man can wear waistbeads – yes, I do get asked that question – the answer is: It depends.

I was once talked into making waistbeads for a very persistent older brother. He selected the beads and stones, the symbols, gave me his measurements and drew up the design. I knew that some African men do wear beads and belts around their waists, so the concept was not completely strange to me. But, as I pointed out to him, those men wore little or no clothing at all. The idea of waistbeads UNDER modern pants or jeans, seemed a little odd.

Nevertheless I made them, presented them to him and he was thrilled.

A month later I met him on the street with his waistbeads on – around his neck! When I commented on his “necklace,” he looked at me rather sheepishly. “As waistbeads, they just kept getting in the way,” he said.

I replied:   “That’s because the real pleasure you get from waistbeads is from the woman who’s wearing them.”

Beauty and The Lowly Gemstone Chip

I am sometimes asked by other jewelers why I use gemstone chips, rather than faceted gemstone beads, when I create my waistbeads. The question is usually presented in a manner that suggests that gemstone chips, the irregular-shaped by-products  created during the manufacturing process of producing regular shapes, is somehow less worthy.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Lapis Lazuli Chips.


The gemstone chip has so many advantages it is astonishing  to me that more jewelers do not use them. Gemstone chips have a raw, natural quality that appeals to me much more than regular, uniform beads. The chips often have slight imperfections and their small odd shapes are more appealing strung in clusters. However, to me  they are beautiful- their colors can be blended and manipulated like an artist’s palette; they are fabulously economical; and most importantly, despite their size and shape, capture all of the metaphysical energy of the stone. To look down on a gemstone chip is like disliking  a rose petal while loving a bouquet.

I recently scored a pretty pink opal pendant at a bead show. It didn’t cost me very much, but the color is stunning. It is deep pink with veins and smudges of  black and smoky gray. I decided to make a necklace with it and came home to my studio to begin work immediately. I pulled out my rose quartz chips, and very carefully selected those closest in color to the pink of my opal. Then I chose the chips that are a shade darker pink, and others that are a shade lighter.  After considering which stones would best compliment the romantic energy of the rose quartz and inner beauty boost generated by opal, I decided on the grounding stones of hematite and blackstone. These stones are gray and black respectively.  The rose quartz chips are crystalline, while  hematite and blackstone are both smooth. The contrast in textures, the matching  colors and the feel-good energy from the stones resulted in a great necklace that sold immediately after I took it off my bead board!

That’s not to say the same design – on waistbeads or a necklace –  could not be done with conventional beads.  It’s just that the cost of so many different types of faceted beads may be prohibitive to some of my customers and so would not allow me the flexibility of finding stones with complimentary energy and color.

On waistbeads this is very important because I believe the positive energy from the stones mingles with the aura of the wearer. For me, energy, color and symbols are just as important as beauty and design. Some of my customers call Wrap and Soul waistbeads medicine jewelry. I like that.

Amethyst Chips